Pilate’s Point takes the reader on a captivating trip through history. Fun and intriguing at the same time, biblical scripture and recorded history are combined in such a way that an image of mankinds time on earth comes forth in remarkable clarity. True biblical understanding is achieved while the reader is held captive by their own fascination with what they are reading. Have you ever wanted absolute proof that God exists? Are you seeking answers to questions that often act as barriers to faith? Do you want to truly understand what’s in the Bible?

Pilate’s Point is a captivating book that reveals the answers to:

What is the meaning of life?
Why does God allow Satan to exist?
Why does God allow human pain and misery?
Is the god of other religions just our God by another name?
What really happens after you die?
Why does God allow evil to exist and evil men to prosper?
What is God’s opinion on wealth, homosexuality, abortion, the death penalty and our welfare society? Is there any real proof that the Bible is the actual word of God?
Cut all of the red tape; what must I really do to be saved?
How can a loving, merciful God torture (by burning) his beloved children in hell for all eternity?

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